The EasyOven™ increases the benefits on the environment and peoples lives.

The beach has to be one of my favourite family holiday destinations. Ok, so my family think I am slightly obsessed with the whole sand, sun and sea, but who isn’t. It provides not only relaxation, but also a beautiful fresh source of food.

My other obsession is the EasyOven™, a heat retention oven that cooks food to perfection while using
less energy and little effort.

On a recent family holiday, we visited North Stradbroke Island, which is nestled in Morton Bay. This small idyllic island is only a 40 minute ferry ride from Cleveland, Brisbane and well worth a visit.

My husband and son are both keen fishermen while my daughter and I are the beachcombers of the family, so the island provides fun for all of us.

When holidaying, space in our car has always been an issue. The EasyOven™ is small, weighting only 230 grams, made from fabric, and is smaller and more portable than most heat retention ovens on the market.

Cooking food perfectly, and more importantly, using up to 90% less fuel, it saves time while providing a nutritious meal for the family.

On this occasion the fishing was great and with a successful days catch, we headed back to our accommodation to cook one of our all time favourites, Paella (see our recipe). Picking up the rest of the fresh ingredients of prawns, mussels and other seafood for our dish was easy, as the island has a
number of small businesses selling locally caught seafood.

The EasyOven™ is fantastic to cook all your seafood. It doesn’t overcook and leaves the fish soft, tender and flavorsome.

So our advice is don’t wait, buy the EasyOven™ today and try our Paella recipe to see how much time and energy you can save!

How it works!

  • The initial cooking can be started on the kitchen stovetop, gas burner or an open campfire. Once the food has boiled for the required time, see table above, the entire cooking pot is then placed in the EasyOven™ to complete the final cooking process.

Note: All cooking times and savings can vary depending in circumstances and must be regarded as approximate.

Get your hands on your own EasyOven today!

Great in your kitchen or a perfect addition to Camping, Boating & well pretty much Anything!