I was once asked if I would “SELL MY SOUL” to work with communities that I may not usually align with, in terms of our cultural differences.

Working within these communities that would otherwise be inaccessible, using my social enterprise EasyOven, to create training, jobs, education programs, manufacturing and micro business opportunities.

This would also allow me to have the opportunity to save up to 80% of 4.3 million lives lost every year to smoke inhalation related diseases by creating clean cooking solutions for communities in need.

My answer was an instant YES, I would 100% “SELL MY SOUL” to save lives, who wouldn’t?

Growing up in a small town in the South Island of New Zealand seems a million years ago, I am passionate about the world we live in and the people that inhabit it. I like to go off the beaten track to see the real world. I’m not so much a tourist but a traveller!

After a 5-year stint NZ Army as a medic I received an unexpected call from a friend in the USA.
Come join her she said – it would an adventure. Little did I know that one call triggered, what would be, years of adventure!

From the USA, my travels have taken me to over 38 different countries and it is in London where I meet my South African born husband. Life in South Africa was adventurous and eye opening.

It is in South Africa that I started to see how the women would spend hours bent over an outdoor wood fire cooking for their families, having the smoke billowing in their eyes and coughing from breathing it in.

This was the catalyst for inventing EasyOven and has definitely enabled me to continue the adventure.

So, YES, I would ‘SELL MY SOUL’ to make this world a better place to live in.