We are delighted to announce our Ambassador of the EasyOven™ by Kenyan Celebrity Cook & Leading Voice for Clean Cooking, Susan Kamau.

Susan Kamau is a consultant cook and a lover of food.

Her natural exuberance and talent for communication have helped her to become a leading voice in the art of cooking In Kenya.  2013, Susan was appointed Regional Culinary Ambassador for the Global Alliance for Clean Cook Stoves, a UN Foundation initiative clean cook stoves.

She works with local organizations to help educate local communities on the need to replace open fires with clean burning, fuel-efficient stoves that dramatically impact the lives of families and reduce
environment degradation.

We are delighted to have her on our team!

Susan’s specialty lies in home-style cooking using locally available ingredients in a mix-and-match of techniques, and in teaching the local community how to think out of the box when it comes to food.

As a health champion, Susan works to inspire and encourage others to learn more about how to look after their own health. She works to empower and motivate people by raising awareness of health and healthy choices.


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