In July 2014 EasyOven™ and its’ inventor Joanne Kennard, was invited to the Solar Cookers
International (SCI) Convention in Sacramento, USA.

Some of the world’s top Solar Cooking experts from over 16 countries were there to share a wealth of information and different technologies.

Keynote speakers Catlin Powers from One Earth Designs ( and Crosby Menzies from SunFire (, shared their experiences in implementing solar cooking in Northern China, Haiti and Africa.  

The conference was a great platform for Joanne to introduce the EasyOven™ to the International Solar Cooking Community.

Combined with solar cookers the EasyOven™ can now increase its’ benefits on the environment and peoples lives:

EasyOven™ is excited to be part of the Solar Cooking Community and with the positive prospects of having EasyOven™ included in several of their projects, we will not only create employment, help save the environment, but also save lives!

Solar Cookers International is a 501 nonprofit, non-governmental organization that works to improve human and environmental health by supporting the expansion of effective carbon-free solar cooking in world regions of greatest need.

SCI invests in people and communities with determination to change cooking habits and build stability.

  • SCI speaks for solar cooking to the world.
  • SCI provides resources, materials and connections for successful solar cooking work
  • Solar cooks need reliable clean stoves. SCI tests solar cookers.

This is a brilliant company which continues to deliver a way out of energy poverty around the world.

Find out more regarding this amazing company through their website available on the link below.