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Taking an old idea and giving it a modern design.

The EasyOven™ is the latest in heat retention cooking. It is now lightweight (only 230 grams), easy to clean, carry and store.

Enhancing food quality while reducing fuel costs.

An all in one energy efficient, insulated fabric oven, which retains heat to slow cook food with less energy. It enhances food quality, reduced waste and saves on water and fuel costs.

Environmentally, Economically, Financially and Socially Responsible

Inspired by the need to create an Environmently, Economically, Financially and Socially Responsible product, EasyOven™ is not only energy efficient but promotes...

Energy Efficient

EasyOven™ is energy efficient and reduces the impact on the environment by decreasing the CO2-e emissions.

It is used by Campers, Hikers, Boat owners, Schoo...



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EasyOven™ - Easy To Use

  • Households
  • Schools – Tuck shops and Cooking programs
  • Elderly
  • Community Nutrition Programs
  • Farmers
  • Mining companies
  • Trades People
  • Travelers / Hikers / Campers
  • Not for Profit and Aid organisations.

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EasyOven™ - Energy Efficient

  • Enhances food quality
  • Reduces over all cooking time by up to 80%.
  • No food wastage
  • Less cooking time on open fires or unregulated cooking tops
  • Saves on water, due to less evaporation


Our Projects


EasyOven™ - Our Mission

  • Environmentally Responsible: by creating a product that is energy efficient .
  • Socially Responsible: by facilitating the start-up of small enterprises in communities manufacturing the EasyOven™.
  • Culturally Responsible: wherever possible using local material.


Media & Awards


EasyOven™ - Recognition

  • Finalist at the Creative3 Investment Marketplace 2012
  • Finalist at the Tropical Queensland Innovation Awards – Peoples Choice Awards 2012
  • Finalist at the Tropical Queensland Innovation Awards – Established Innovations Awards 2012